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Just because the temperatures outside are a little colder doesn’t mean we should lose focus on our passion for Scuba diving. In fact, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your head in the proverbial Scuba game. After all, you don’t want those skills you developed over the summer to rust.

DiverWire.com contributing writer John Flanders offers some key tips for scuba divers.



Actor Paul Walker Joins National Geographic Shark Expedition

Paul Walker, who starred in the aquatic thriller "Into the Blue" and the "Fast & the Furious" series, has fulfilled a lifelong dream by starring in a new TV documentary about great white sharks.
Walker's shark mission, which is set to air Monday November 16, wasn't the first time he's been diving for a project. The actor spent 11 days off the coast of Mexico with a film crew and shark experts shooting footage of the sea monsters for National Geographic channel's Expedition Great White. The former marine biology student admits the experts on board for the mission weren't quite sure what to make of their Hollywood guest at first.



Finding Shipwrecks Using Google Earth

There are some neat layers that can be added to Google Earth to look at different things. Thanks to Randy Salars from Facebook for this cool add on for people interested in shipwrecks.



M/V Mamro Pictures

The link posted is a collection of pictures from the Mamro which is a charter boat out of Nanaimo B.C.

Brief Description of Mamro Adventures:

The Mamro is a 52-foot converted fishing boat that provides simple but satisfactory accommodations for six divers and two crewmembers. It used to be a part of the Extasea Charters fleet and is equiped with two heads and a full shower. Diving equipment is stowed on a skiff which is towed along behind the Mamro and used as a staging area for pre-dive safety checks. The skiff is then used to drop divers at the precise location of the dive site and kept live throughout the dive.
Mamro Adventures offers all inclusive live-a-board dive charters for groups of 4-6 almost any where in Western Canada. Also available for small film and photo crews, kayaking, whale and bear tours, crew accommodations and water taxi.



Northwest Underwater Construction LLC

We are a privately held company, specializing in deep water construction, heavy marine salvage and nuclear, hydroelectric, industrial and environmental diving. A proven track record of safe, efficient and innovative underwater services has made NWUWC a leader in the underwater construction and salvage industry.


Scuba Professionals at Ning

Great resource for SCUBA pro's around the world to network. Check it out:



Samish Divers New YouTube Channel

Samish Divers has now made a YouTube channel and will be broadcasting on various subjects.
Subjects will include but not be limited to the following:

Product reviews
S.C.U.B.A Diving
Commercial diving
Wreck-Tech. Diving etc.
Marine news
GPS Maps Technology
Globalization and more.

We would love your input. Please let us know with videos you may want to see or think we should add.
You can find us at the following address and be sure to subscribe or befriend us.



Thailand Trip Google Maps

View Thailand in a larger map

This is an interactive map that I built with pictures of the things we saw in Thailand. You can click on the icons and open them up if you want to see more pictures. Great way of seeing different parts of the country through pictures. Visit Thailand if you ever get a chance.


Shrink the Gap! A future worth creating.

In what should be the rallying cry for generations of Americans and people around the world, one man has articulated a future worth creating. Read all three books and start with the Pentagons New Map. Watch the C-Span Powerpoint and let your outlook and worldview be changed forever. Samish Divers proudly supports Thomas P.M. Barnett and his work as well as the work of Enterra Solutions and other associated institutions and agencies.

Grand Strategy is finally ready for primetime.

Shrink the Gap!


Ship location kept quiet to protect hijacked crew

MOSCOW – For more than two weeks, the freighter Arctic Sea seemed to have vanished in the Atlantic Ocean's vastness, but officials said Tuesday they knew where it was all along and were just staying mum in order to bring a dangerous hijacking drama to a bloodless end.


Energy Determination

The Energy Determination sailed from Bonaire on 5 November 1979, in ballast and bound for the Das Islands in Arabian Gulf for a cargo of crude oil. At 0100hrs 13 December 1979 (local time), she was passing through the Straits of Hormuz when she was ripped by a large internal explosion in vicinity of No 9 starboard tank which contained about 354 tons of slops.



Hawaii-based Navy SEAL dies in training accident

The commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command says a fatal training accident involving a Navy SEAL assigned to Pearl Harbor is “a heart-wrenching loss.”



Air France pilots body found

French officials said this week that military ships searching for the wreckage have detected sounds in the Atlantic depths but they are not from the flight recorders.



Triton - Delta Yachts

Triton’s swim platform features a modified design enclosing a hydraulic lift/lower mechanism to benefit swimmers’ and divers’ entry/exit. Since the owners expect to indulge in avid scuba activity, they also specified a functional approach to handling and refilling scuba tanks. This involves extra tank storage and a lazarette which contains the deep-divers’ decompression membrane system. For advanced deep dives, she is equipped with Nitrox and Tri-Mix capability, plus sonar and Simrad photographic equipment to provide 3-D images of deepwater reefs and sunken ships. Recording these adventures is an aimable sub-surface camera, located just under the stern, complete with underwater lighting.


Delta Marine "Mr. Terrible"

Delta Marine has gone from making high quality innovative fishing boats for northern fisheries to some world class cruising yachts. Click on their showroom to see their current and past projects.
Below is profiled one of their more current projects:



Sri Lanka Poised for Economic "Take Off"

SINGAPORE (AP) -- Sri Lanka is poised for an "economic takeoff" now that its military has routed the Tamil Tiger rebels, the country's foreign minister said Sunday.


Recovered SS Central America Gold

For centuries, just as the spectre of gold has whetted man's imagination, so too has the allure, romance and excitement of sunken treasure. In September 1857, the SS Central America was caught in a vicious hurricane and sent to her watery grave a mile and a half beneath the furious waves of the Atlantic Ocean; with her went hopes, dreams and a vast fortune in gold. While some of the story of her loss is etched in sorrow, it is also imbued with nineteenth-century gallantry, bravado, and heroism of the first order


Who Owns Lost Ships?

Who Owns Lost Ships?
by Peter Tyson

In one sense, the question is moot. The sea owns lost ships, of course. Tens of thousands of shipwrecks litter the beds of oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water. Some of them have rested there for thousands of years and will likely remain there forever. But when human beings find and covet a wreck—for its historical value, its diving possibilities, its gold—then the question suddenly becomes rabidly contentious.
Read on: