US Navy Report on Chinese Navy 2007

Here is a new US Navy Report on Chinese Navy. Obtained through the freedom of information act in PDF form it is interesting to read. You can find it here


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Amazon Unbox Video Downloads

Amazon.com has come out with some new downloadable diving videos called Unbox. They are inxepensive and are very fun to watch.

Here is a preview and picture of a few of them. Simply search for the one you want when you get to amazons site. Great to watch on PC's, laptops etc. as well as travel devices.

Deep Sea Detectives

Shark Encounters

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

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Oceanblue divers/Diveangelist

A new dive blog has been added to our list. It is a New York based blog of Oceanblue divers.
They promote the sport of diving as well as environmental awareness and they also travel to amazing dive sites worldwide. Their membership is open to anyone. Please check them out.

You can find their blog and link to club website here-


eBay Guides - Scuba Buying Guide

Ebay has a SCUBA buying guide that gives people ideas for searching for equiptment and also ways to search for it.

It shows categories and and keywords as well as individual items and item types. For those divers who run out of ideas or want to search for items on Ebay in a better way this guide can be a good reference point to go back to and start with.

It has guides for items such as
scuba tanks, dive computers, scuba wetsuits, and scuba masks to regulators, buoyancy compensators, and scuba fins.

as well as manufacturers such as Scubapro, Oceanic, Halcyon, Faber, Dacor, Dive Rite, Sea Elite, Suunto, and OMS.

Interesting way to search on Ebay.

eBay Guides - Scuba Buying Guide