5 Podcasts I have been listening to lately.

5 Podcasts I have been listening to lately. Sometimes browsing for media that you want to listen to does not get you the results you want and a simple suggesstion will help. Here are the top 5 podcasts I have been listening to lately and what kind of content they have.  Hopefully this helps you find some content to make your day fun and educating. Thank you for stopping by!

1. The Survival podcast with Jack Spirko
Fromg gardening, bushcraft, monetary policy, homesteading etc. this podcast is excellent. Can't recommend it highly enough.

2. Harvest eating with Keith Snow.
Keith is a easy to understand master at using seasonal, local and stored foods to make outstanding meals.

3. Smart Passive income podcast.
Pat, the guy that runs this podcast is such a gracious teacher and educator at the same time of being entertaining about making online business a success for people.

4.Financial survival podcast with Jay Carter.
Real estate, inflation, silver and great interviews rule the day here.

5. Dive film Podcast.
I love underwater film. What can I say?



MJ Demarco on the Survival podcast

If you are not familiar with MJ Demarco or Jack Spirko of the survival podcast this is an excellent podcast that really needs to be listened to. This is on the financial lies that most of us get trapped into. Make sure to listen.