It has been a while but the time has come for this in the Puget Sound.

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Great video podcast of ice diving on episode 55. Mcmurdo Station Antarctica.


It's Sunday. Going for a run. Thinking about making a Samish Divers Podcast. Good idea? Gear reviews,how to's, travel,general interest.


You may know Richie Kohler from the book Shadow Divers and the Discovery show deep sea detectives. Recently he has been featured on Reabreatherpro.com Check out some of the great dives he has done on his site.



This is a great deal. Email me if interested.

Google Earth Ocean is pretty fun. I am going to make a video on using the basic features of it.

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) delivered the sixth submarine of the Virginia class, New Mexico (SSN 779), to the U.S. Navy, four months ahead of schedule.


According to a Jan. 7 report from Reuters, Indian shipbuilders are heading for another bleak year in 2010 amidst weak demand and prospects of order cancellations as the global economy struggles to emerge from a slowdown, analysts said. Bharati Shipyard remains a lone promising bet for investors on expectation its recent acquisition of Great Offshore Ltd. will boost its orderbook and cash flows.


Florida divers have been hired to find evidence of the Lost Continent of Atlantis near the island of Bimini, Bahamas.


Eastar Offshore: Deep sea rovers
The subsea energy and exploration industry in SE Asia is growing year by year and vehicles and services provided by Eastar and Alam Subsea are very much part of it.


DP World to build $2.4-B combined deep-sea port and logistics park in UK


Terraserver and related Geospacial sites are amazing.



Manufactured by Molecular Products in UK
Soda Lime Absorbent for the Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Gas Streams
Supplied as Hard, Irregularly Shaped, White Colored Particles
Sea Pearls offers Sofnolime in two Particle Sizes
Processed to Maximize Carbon Dioxide Absorption and Minimize Dust Formation
Used in Sport & Technical Diving Semi-Closed and Closed Rebreather Systems
Temporary Color Change of White to Violet Indicates Recent Use

Follow your Rebreather Manufacture’s Recommendations for Scrubber Change Intervals
Sofnolime is Shipped in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Reclosable Containers
Sofnolime has a Limited Shelf Life, each Container is Marked with an Expiration Date
Sofnolime can be Shipped as Ordinary Non-Hazardous Product
Only Use the Specific Absorbent Recommended by your Rebreather Manufacturer
The Use of Improper Absorbent can cause Excessive Work of Breathing and Shortened Scrubber Times


The Underwater Journal

New issue of The Underwater Journal by Walt Stearns. Check it out.

The survival podcast. Letter from Iraq.

For those of you that are interested, there is a podcast (available through Itunes) called the survival podcast that is great to listen to. The following link is a testament to how the internet and a message can get to anyone.

Letter from Iraq

Sea Sheperd boat damaged in Antartica

I had no idea that this was such a cutting edge vessel. Who would of thought that it is a byproduct of "The Price is Right!"
Sea Sheperds new boat picture.


Four Hour Work Week New edition.

While I know I have mentioned it before, I wanted to comment on Tim Ferriss new book which is the expanded version of The Four Hour Work Week. Well worth reading for everyone. There are many things on lifestyle design that can apply to everyones life. If anyone is unfamiliar with personal outsourcing or the 80/20 rule it needs to be read.



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Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Anyone who is interested in web 2.0 topics and how they relate not only to their personal life but also their business should check out Gary Vaynerchuk. Some may know him from his YouTube channel Wine Library TV. He give insights on why being completely authentic to who you are is critical to being a success on the internet. Great read and highly reccomended.

If you want to look at the book check out the link below.
Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion