Ship location kept quiet to protect hijacked crew

MOSCOW – For more than two weeks, the freighter Arctic Sea seemed to have vanished in the Atlantic Ocean's vastness, but officials said Tuesday they knew where it was all along and were just staying mum in order to bring a dangerous hijacking drama to a bloodless end.


Energy Determination

The Energy Determination sailed from Bonaire on 5 November 1979, in ballast and bound for the Das Islands in Arabian Gulf for a cargo of crude oil. At 0100hrs 13 December 1979 (local time), she was passing through the Straits of Hormuz when she was ripped by a large internal explosion in vicinity of No 9 starboard tank which contained about 354 tons of slops.



Hawaii-based Navy SEAL dies in training accident

The commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command says a fatal training accident involving a Navy SEAL assigned to Pearl Harbor is “a heart-wrenching loss.”