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Thanks for visiting Flashback Scuba. Based in Tacoma WA, we are dedicated to the preservation of vintage diving equipment and uncovering the story behind its development. Our specialty is the history & equipment of Jacques Cousteau. We hope to continue to bring you first hand accounts, original articles, never before seen photos, and some of the most unique equipment ever made. Flashback Scuba is a work in progress. Check back often and let me know what you think. If you are interested in having us exhibit at your event drop us a line. Thanks for your continued support.



Blue Mango Dive Center

Blue Mango Dive Center

World’s first artificial reef using clay!
In its efforts to promote marine conservation, the Rotary Club of Boracay in partnership with Rotarian Finn Ronne from Campbell River Daybreak Rotary Club (Canada), the Boracay Association of Scuba Diving Schools (BASS) and the Blue Mango Dive Center take part in the deployment of Artificial Reef Pots around Boracay Island. Dustin Pratt, the dive center's general manager and dive master documents the deployment of the clay reef pots...


Crown of Thorns Collection
We are collecting the invasive and destructive species Acanthaster planci from Boracays dive sites. This species of starfish eats the living tissue of the outside of hard coral reefs. They are believed to out break in numbers due to the lack of their natural predator the triton trumpet which is a highly valuable shell species. Also nutrient runoff from land due to human activity is also believed by scientist to somehow affect their annual population explosions.



Juergensen Defense and the US Navy

Juergensen Defense Corporation and Carleton Life Support Systems are proud to announce the United States Navy Next Generation Underwater Breathing Apparatus (NUBA) Contract Award of the Mark 16 Mod 2 (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) utilizing at it's core, the Juergensen Defense Mark V eCCR Control System.


No. 40: Sea-Traffic Control





fully closed circuit rebreather with backmounted counterlungs
· user friendly: complete access by removing one cover
· unique dual scrubber system for improved sorb use and increased safety
. · ergonomic adjustable split backplate for better fit and minimal static work
of breathing (‘slim line’ design: unit adds 14cm to your profile)
. · no tubing inside the housing: minimal dynamic work of breathing
. · 2 independent programmable PPO2 monitors with head-up displays
. · manually operated: constant mass oxygen flow, manual addition of oxygen
and diluent, automatic diluent valve
. · max depth: 80m (PPN2=< 4 bar)
. · scrubber duration: 2 hours / canister (1.4kg) or 3 hours / 2 canisters
. · dimensions including 3l steel tanks: 64*40*18 cm
. · weight: 28kg including steel tanks, wing, harness (17.5 kg without tanks)