Quick Ebay listing tip –

This post is a quick tip to make your webstore on Ebay more profitable if you have one. Something such as Ebay stores etc.  
If you have products that cycle on a monthly basis and do not have active auctions you are missing a huge opportunity to market your goods to customers.
As most of you are aware Ebay does not put store listings that are not run as auctions in the auction listing format. So you MUST at least have some auctions going to help you merchandise your products better and cross sell to people who click to see what else you have for sale. Just a simple tip that may help your store run better. I have seen other sellers not do this and they could have better volume and profit with such a simple change. 



7.5 in your own life.

Watch the included video in this post. Really quite an amazing video.Then read on.

 In the video you can see an incredible amount of courage and skill. The best part of the whole video is near the end of the video at the 3:45 minute mark. Watch the panel of judges as they put out their opinion of value of the jump that the diver did. There are three judges who have 9.5, 9, 9,9 and then a final judge of 7.5. Now the diver was ecstatic that he did what he did, as he should be. He jumped off a 172 foot tower, did a few flips and then landing it, not to mention shredding the athletic tape supports due to the force generated in the meantime tying a world record at the time.
  In your own life where would you be if you listened to someone who gave you a 7.5 for jumping off a 172 foot tower?
   Are you listening to friends, family, co-workers who will only give you a 7.5 no matter how high you want to jump?
   Don’t listen to people who will only give you a 7.5 no matter how much you challenge yourself to be a better person. This video is proof of that. So jump off those towers in your life and don't care if someone is going to give you a 7.5!



Guadalupe 2010 Pictures

Here is a great post of pictures from a 2010 Great White Expedition to Guadalupe from Silenthunter Bolton.
Great pictures!




Fault Lines: The US and the new Middle East: Libya

Interesting video on the Libyan war and the ramifications for humanitarian action.


Street view for Google maps

This is definitely not a substitute for real travel but is an excellent preview for sights you may want to see. Street view for Google maps.




Jack Spirko 2012 Liberty Forum Part 2 of 3

As requested by a viewer here is part 2 of Jack Spirko at the Liberty forum.

Jack Spirko at the 2012 Liberty Forum Part 2 of 3 from Jack Spirko on Vimeo.