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China targets pirates in groundbreaking mission

GUANGZHOU, China – Chinese warships headed toward Somali waters Friday to combat piracy, the first time the communist country has sent ships on a mission that could involve fighting so far beyond its territorial waters.
The deployment to the Gulf of Aden, which has been plagued by increasingly bold pirate attacks in recent months, marks a major step in the navy's evolution from mostly guarding China's coasts to patrolling waters far from home.



Scuba Channel

Welcome on Scuba Channel
the scuba diving web tv


Ransoms bring wealth to Somali pirate bases

BOSASSO, Somalia (Reuters) – As dawn breaks over the Indian Ocean each morning, elders in Somali pirate bases sip strong coffee and clutch mobile phones to their ears, eager to hear the latest from the gunmen out at sea.



Pirates Demand $25 Million Ransom for Hijacked Saudi Oil Tanker

Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Somali pirates demanded $25 million in ransom for an oil-laden Saudi supertanker seized off the East African coast, and called on its owners to pay up ``soon.''



The mystery tanks

Who are the real owners of the tanks nabbed by Somali pirates?
THE publication of the manifest of a Ukrainian ship recently captured by pirates off the coast of Somalia is embarrassing Kenya’s government. It apparently shows that MV Faina’s cargo of 33 T-72 Soviet-era tanks and other weapons was consigned to Kenya’s defence ministry on behalf of the government of south Sudan.


Hijacked oil tanker nears Somalia

A giant Saudi oil tanker seized by pirates in the Indian Ocean is nearing the coast of Somalia, the US Navy says.
The Sirius Star is the biggest tanker ever to be hijacked, with a cargo of 2m barrels - a quarter of Saudi Arabia's daily output - worth more than $100m.
The vessel was captured in what the navy called an "unprecedented" attack 450 nautical miles (830km) off the Kenyan coast on Saturday.



Magazine Articles Ocean eye.net

Below are the articles that Chris Gabel of Ocean Eye, Inc. has written for periodicals such as Underwater Magazine. Underwater Magazine is the official publication of The Association of Diving Contractors (ADC). To subscribe to this prestigious magazine, please go to www.Underwater.com. You can also subscribe to Ocean News and Technolgy at www.Ocean-News.com. Check back often, new articles will be posted on a regular basis.



Emerald Sea Photography

Check out the images of Scott Boyd. Excellent site with great coverage of the Pacific Northwest.

Underwater Photography by Scott Boyd The cold dark waters of the Pacific Northwest provide a location for stunning Underwater Photography. The lack of surface light and our rich "pea soup" make for challenging dive conditions, but the amazing creatures that lurk beneath our waters are extraordinary. Photos of many of these astonishing creatures are found throughout the site.



Commercial diving. Oil rig video

The Deep Blue

DEEP BLUE is an innovative motion picture experience that sets off
on an epic, emotion-filled voyage through the last great frontier on
earth: the ocean.

Diving into the unexplored liquid space that exists just beneath
the surface of our planet, DEEP BLUE takes audiences to awesome
realms where humans, and especially cameras, have rarely dared
to go: darting with lightning speed through fierce schools of sharks,
riding over stormy waves with massive killer whales, fighting for
survival with families of polar bears and seals, and even plunging
into pitch-black chasms that are home to wild, alien-like creatures
so rare they have never been seen before on film.

Recounting the amazing stories of wildlife in its untouched state,
the result is a visual and musical event that viscerally evokes the
wonder, power and drama of the deep blue sea.



Gravity Zero Drysuits new webpage

CNX RANGER BZ drysuit is made from 2.00 Hyper-Compressed neoprene with heavy-duty nylon laminate.
This top of the line drysuit was specifically designed to meet requirement of demanding divers: from technical divers to commercial divers including the most demanding sport divers.



Pirates seize French ship off Somalia

PARIS - Pirates seized control of a French luxury yacht carrying 30 crew members Friday off the coast of Somalia, the French government and the ship's owner said.

The ship was in the high seas in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Somalia in the Indian Ocean, the ministry said. At least some of the crew members are French, it said.



Fulton Skyhook Video

Fulton surface-to-air recovery system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This system was developed by inventor Robert Edison Fulton, Jr. for the United States Central Intelligence Agency in the early 1950s. It was an evolution from a similar system that was used during World War II by American and British forces. The earlier system did not use a balloon, but had a pair of poles that were set in the ground on either side of the person to be retrieved, with a line running from the top of one pole to the other. An aircraft (usually a C-47 Skytrain) would trail a grappling hook and engage the line, which was attached to the person to be retrieved.

In Thunderball (1965) film, the sky-hook system is used at the end to pick up Bond and Domino from a life raft.

Fulton surface-to-air recovery system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Diver Daves' Mark-15 Backplate Page

Making or buying backplates and wings for the Mark-15 series has always been the first job any new Mark-15 diver needs to deal with. The issue is that the back of the chassis of the Mark-15 has a definite angle to it, and thus a standard backplate will not fit. In addition, there is the problem of Work of Breathing (WOB), which increases dramatically if the rig is spaced at any distance from the divers back. Lastly, the counterlung needs to displace water into and out of the chassis as each breath is taken, and the water was designed to flow through a series of large holes in the back of the rig. For these reasons, differing success has been had using various systems to add a BC or wings and a backplate.

Diver Daves' Mark-15 Backplate Page: "Mark-15 Backplates and Wings"

mk 15 rebreather - Google Image Search

Sometimes it is fun to do an image search on google on an interesting diving product or service and see what comes up. It can be an interesting way to get different looks at the thing you were looking for.

mk 15 rebreather - Google Image Search


Hitlers Lost Sub NOVA


Welcome to the companion Web site to "Hitler's Lost Sub," originally broadcast on November 14, 2000. The film follows a six-year odyssey by a group of divers to identify a mysterious U-boat they discovered in 1991 off the coast of New Jersey. Here's what you'll find online:


Hazards of Diving Deep by Peter Tyson


German U-Boat U-869 lies in 230 feet of water, which is fully 100 feet deeper than the recommended maximum limit for recreational diving. Yet this did not stop the team of New Jersey divers seen in the NOVA film "Hitler's Lost Sub" from exploring the wreck over many years. Divers who descend to such extreme depths face a host of hazards. Indeed, the New Jersey team tragically lost three divers in accidents at the U-869 site. In this interactive feature, learn some of the dangers that you would face making a dive to U-869. Please note that this compilation is meant only to give you a rough overview of some of the major hazards divers face. It does not pretend to be comprehensive. Many of the hazards described here are not mutually exclusive (e.g., panic can lead to drowning); others may only pose risks beyond certain depths; still others may apply to the ascent as well as the descent. Finally, many of these hazards are dependent on dive technique. For example, if divers are breathing air, oxygen toxicity is not an issue at depths shallower than 230 feet; if they are diving mixed gas, nitrogen narcosis is not an issue; and so on. For more complete discussions of diving deep, including safety procedures and emergency treatments, we refer you to the references below.
Go to Deep Dive requires the free Shockwave plug-in