Diver Daves' Mark-15 Backplate Page

Making or buying backplates and wings for the Mark-15 series has always been the first job any new Mark-15 diver needs to deal with. The issue is that the back of the chassis of the Mark-15 has a definite angle to it, and thus a standard backplate will not fit. In addition, there is the problem of Work of Breathing (WOB), which increases dramatically if the rig is spaced at any distance from the divers back. Lastly, the counterlung needs to displace water into and out of the chassis as each breath is taken, and the water was designed to flow through a series of large holes in the back of the rig. For these reasons, differing success has been had using various systems to add a BC or wings and a backplate.

Diver Daves' Mark-15 Backplate Page: "Mark-15 Backplates and Wings"