fully closed circuit rebreather with backmounted counterlungs
· user friendly: complete access by removing one cover
· unique dual scrubber system for improved sorb use and increased safety
. · ergonomic adjustable split backplate for better fit and minimal static work
of breathing (‘slim line’ design: unit adds 14cm to your profile)
. · no tubing inside the housing: minimal dynamic work of breathing
. · 2 independent programmable PPO2 monitors with head-up displays
. · manually operated: constant mass oxygen flow, manual addition of oxygen
and diluent, automatic diluent valve
. · max depth: 80m (PPN2=< 4 bar)
. · scrubber duration: 2 hours / canister (1.4kg) or 3 hours / 2 canisters
. · dimensions including 3l steel tanks: 64*40*18 cm
. · weight: 28kg including steel tanks, wing, harness (17.5 kg without tanks)