Molecular Products Group plc


Chemical Technologies for the Treatment of Breathable Gases.
1. Carbon Dioxide RemovalAll closed environments designed to support life, from emergency refuges to submarines, and all closed circuit breathing systems, such as rebreathers, need to control the amount of carbon dioxide in the breathable air. Sofnolime is the carbon dioxide absorbent of choice for many life critical applications and is sold in over 70 countries. Sofnolime is specifically formulated to offer optimum CO2 absorption efficiency, ease of use and value for money.
2. Oxygen Generation In the event of an emergency, or under certain operational conditions, the ability to be able to sustain life preserving oxygen levels is essential. One of the most simple, economic and effective ways of doing this is with an oxygen-generating candle. Molecular Products Ltd manufacture a variety of oxygen candles suitable for a range of applications from emergency escape to submarines to aerospace.
3. Critical FiltrationMolecular Products Ltd can supply various catalysts and impregnated activated carbons for the removal of potentially hazardous contaminants from breathable air. Products range from Moleculite for the effective oxidation of carbon monoxide to impregnated activated carbons for CBRN protection
All products are manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards and our customers can be confident that they will receive the highest quality products.