M/V Mamro Pictures

The link posted is a collection of pictures from the Mamro which is a charter boat out of Nanaimo B.C.

Brief Description of Mamro Adventures:

The Mamro is a 52-foot converted fishing boat that provides simple but satisfactory accommodations for six divers and two crewmembers. It used to be a part of the Extasea Charters fleet and is equiped with two heads and a full shower. Diving equipment is stowed on a skiff which is towed along behind the Mamro and used as a staging area for pre-dive safety checks. The skiff is then used to drop divers at the precise location of the dive site and kept live throughout the dive.
Mamro Adventures offers all inclusive live-a-board dive charters for groups of 4-6 almost any where in Western Canada. Also available for small film and photo crews, kayaking, whale and bear tours, crew accommodations and water taxi.